Here us what the shirts have looked like in the past.  Along with the hats.  We are working on shirts for this year now.  And artwork.

If you think you can come up with something that would look great contact us!  The person who submits artwork that we use for the back of the shirts will get a free shirt!

Also we are going to be selling space on the back of the shirts to pay for the production of them.  This will make it possible to donate more money to MS research.

So if you have a company or business or even just want to be famous and have your name on everyone's shirt here is your chance!

Contact us !  Plans so far is to have one row of names above the artwork on the back.  And 3 below.

We also have Koozies in two colors.  They run $2.00 each.

From last year:

This is just a sample of some of the prizes that have arrived so far for this year's event.  I will add more pictures and detail as to who donated the prizes as I am able.

Bob Smith Industries
I just received a box from BSI with a selection of their products.

Thanks BSI!
Be sure to check out their site. I included a link.

Williams Brothers sent the products above.  They arrived today.

Be sure to check out their website at