We are moving the fly in! Stay tuned for updates!!
We fly most weekend when the weather is good.
We are also forming a club that flies at the airport.  Contact us if you want to join!
We have an opening for a new title sponsor this year.  If your company would like to become associate with a GREAT and worth while cause contact us.  Together we can grow the event!

Date for ODB V is set at September 14th and 15th 2013.
People are welcome to arrive sooner.  Many arrive Thursday and friday to set up and do some flying.

As usual we will have FREE WIFI on site!

Multiple Sclerosis Society at the fly in.
Ray Mack one of the VPs of the Tulsa M.S. Society is going to be at the fly in with his family.
He is bringing a tent and table and will have MS materials at their table to hand out.
Lets all make them feel welcome and show our appreciation for their attendance.
And for all the good work the M.S. Society does for those of us with M.S.


We are in serious need of a webmaster for the fly in site.  If you have the expertise and want to donate your talents please contact me!  I have not been able to keep this site updated like it should be.  And I could really use your help!!!

 Stand by for more news as soon as it is available!


Be sure to check out the prizes page.  We will be adding information with link to the companies donating this year.  And posting links to their sites.  PLEASE be sure to check them out.  And thank them for supporting the fly in and out great cause!

Come and join us in the search for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis!

Below you will find a pdf of the newest flier for this year.  Please feel free to print it and post it or hand it out!  Help spread the word!

odb4flyer.pdf odb4flyer.pdf
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Type : pdf

 Dust Bowl V dates  September 14th,15th 2013

Attention sponsor and donors!!!

We are updating the banners we put up each year for the fly in. One of them we have made a practice of listing the sponsors on.
So if you are thinking of donating or sponsoring any part of the event please contact me! We want to put you on the banner. It is 4'X8' And makes a good backdrop for pictures!


Landing fee is $10.00 and may be paid with check or Postal Money order.  And of course cash at the fly in is fine as always.

When you check in be sure to present your radios and airplanes at check in.   All 72Mhz radios will remain in the impound until you are ready to fly or need to adjust.

2.4 GHZ radios do not need to be impounded.  But we need to know about them!

Airplanes will be inspected to be sure they are safe to fly.  And besides we like to look at them too!

Be sure to sign the liability release form when you check in.  This would be a great time to buy your raffle tickets,T shirts etc!

 Below you will see a pdf file of the first flier for this years fly in.  Please feel free to print it out and post or hand it out.  Lets get the word out!


Raffle tickets can be bought now if desired.  I will put both parts with your registration form and you can decide what cans to drop them in when you get here.


When you are ordering from any of our sponsors or even browsing their websites let them know you glad are to see them helping with the fly in.

They are spending money to help us with the fly in. I think they all deserve our support since they are supporting us!

It is hard for them to know if we do not tell them!