We are getting commitments for donations now.  I am going to add them as I can.  Be sure to check them out.  And let them know how much you appreciate them helping the fly in and to find a cure for MS!
Click on their logo or picture to be taken to their site.

Ready Made r/c

I made my 2nd appearance at the local Lions Club today. I spoke about the fly in and how well it went.
Also talked with them about the lions Club getting involved as well as Wewoka.
A couple of the members ( one lady one man) flew the Vapor and had a blast.
I was approached after the meeting by several with interests. And it looks like I may well have groups at the Justice school and also in Wewoka learning to fly r/c with my help.
That can only be good for the hobby and the fly in!

Went well as you can tell.

Winter-2012-MS-Connection.OK.FINAL.pdf Winter-2012-MS-Connection.OK.FINAL.pdf
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Type : pdf

If you click that link you can see the article in the MSconnection newsletter about the fly in.

Here I am handing the check for 2011's donation to Brandi Davidson at the Tulsa MS Society.

Ok drum roll please! I have in my possession a Cashiers check made out to the National MS Society in the amount of............................. $6,301.00! Not the $10k we were shooting for. But that folks is over 10 TIMES last year!
We are planning on doing the hand over of the check on the 29th since I have to be in town for a doctors visit.

Again thanks to all the people who attended,participated and staffed the event.

You all made the event a great success in spite of less then great weather!


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